Delivering the Perfect Mix of Credit Cards to Your Wallet

More Rewards & Cash Back

Wallet Boost makes credit card recommendations based on your spending habits and your preferences. It's like having your very own credit card expert working on your behalf!

More Rewards and Cash Back
Personalized & Confidential

Personalized & Confidential

You get intelligent, real-time credit card recommendations to help identify your ideal mix of credit cards. Plus, you're protected by bank level security.

Simple to Set Up, and Easy to Use

Just answer a few basic questions. That's all we need to provide a customized recommendation on which credit cards will get the most rewards and cash back.

Simple to Set Up, and Easy to Use

1. Add Your Credit Cards

Start by adding the cards you currently carry. It's easy to pick from the industry's largest database of credit cards.

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2. Tell Us Your Goals

What do you like best? Rewards? Cash back? Have a favorite airline? Your preferences help us create your perfect wallet.


3. Get the Perfect Card

Wallet Boost calculates what you could be earning and delivers the ideal mix of credit cards to make your dollars go further.

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