I'm an ignorant consumer that was earning a single points for gas on my BofA card. Thanks to a simple prod from Wallaby, I'm now earning triple the points using my Costco AMEX card. Simple. Beautiful! Thanks Wallaby team!

Russ Nicholls, Apple App Store Review ★★★★★

Wallaby Mobile App

We'll stay on top of everything for you.

New rewards. Changing interest rates. Increased fees. Better credit. Your financial picture changes every day. It's too much to track. Wallaby makes it simple. We'll show you best card to use now to save you money. We'll alert you to spending changes. All in one app. Download for your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

An intelligent financial sidekick

We keep all your cards and spending data in the cloud. We watch for suspicious activity and increases in spending. We'll alert you to ways to save and ways to earn more rewards.

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Wallaby Mobile App Optimize Every Purchase

Optimize Every Purchase

Every time you shop, see the best card to use and why. You'll be in the know about special bonuses with just a tap. You can maximize rewards, minimize interest, and optimize your cash flow.