Improve Relations

Improve Relationships with Your Current and Future Customers

Wallaby is the leader in credit card data. You can use our comprehensive card data to power your user experience via our CardBase API. We help you to build strong relationships with your customers by providing trustworthy and current credit card information.

Partnership Benefits

  • Our RESTful JSON API is easy to integrate
  • Instantaneously access information on more than 3,400 credit cards, with 100+ data points per card across more than 700 issuing institutions
  • Real-time data updates on card rewards, bonuses, and more
  • Help users find the best credit cards to match their specific needs
  • Provide the most up-to-date credit card benefits to your customers
Cardbase Difference
Partner Benefits

The CardBase API Difference

The CardBase API revolutionizes the way our partners leverage relationships with banks, credit cards, and the rewards they offer. Our API provides access to bank, card, reward unit, network, and card type objects that help our partners keep their customers informed and educated on current reward offers and benefits by category.

About Us

Wallaby is the leading innovative technology partner for the financial service industry, providing consumers with financial insights, and helping users achieve their financial goals. We use advanced algorithms to help consumers save money, earn more rewards, and make their lives simpler.