One Card to Rule Them All

Access all your credit cards from one smart Wallaby Card. You'll get the best cash back or rewards deal automatically. Limit your spending by balance, card date and more. Select a card before you shop or let us select based on your preferences.

A Smarter Way to Pay

Chances are, you're missing out on all the rewards and cash back from your credit cards. It's impossible to keep up. Think you're leaving money on the table? We're here to make sure you never miss out on bonuses again.

The Wallaby Card
The Wallaby Cloud Wallet

An Advanced Cloud Wallet

The Wallaby Card makes your credit cards work harder for you. Just tell us your card preferences and we'll automatically choose the right card for each purchase. Want more airline miles? You've got 'em. Need to extend your cash flow this month? We'll help to make it happen. Like to lighten up your wallet? Our Cloud Wallet means you can use any of your major credit cards without carrying them!